Chewin' the FAQ 

What the heck do you actually do?

Picture your social media pages like your real estate office (or shop front). For the purpose of this exercise, just think of your Facebook business page for now...

What do you see when you look a the front of most real estate offices? Window cards right? Displaying current listings and sales. So, is your Facebook page any different? No! It's where you post all of your properties for people to see.

However, does this get your more listings? No, not often... mainly because it's only buyers that browse shop windows and sellers are too hesitant to contact you. So, let's rewind to 2008... how would you advertise to sellers? Print media and outdoor marketing! Newspaper and billboards!

Unfortunately the effect of these methods have declined dramatically, while the investment from you has increased. So, what is the new print media? What has replaced billboards?


Strategically positioned in high traffic locations to convert leads.

So, to answer the question of "what we do"... we're the Facebook is the new newspaper and billboard. We're the advertising company that gets you front and centre on every front page and billboard in your town or suburb. 

Can you do this yourself? Well, you can certainly try. But we'll broker the best deal with the best positioning and have a proven formula that works! It's like selling a property yourself or using an agent. And we both know how crazy it is selling your own property. But you don't know what you don't know.

In summary, we generate you more seller leads (buyer leads will take care of themselves - but we can help with that too if you like). We make sure everyone in your area knows who the hell you are and why they should speak to you. We saturate your market with your personal brand!!!

How much does it cost?

You only pay for us to set it up. There's ZERO ongoing fees.

You're probably wondering how? Well, there's one simple answer... AUTOMATION. 
We automate your strategy so that it's SET & FORGET. You won't have to worry about managing it and neither will we. As long as you know how to set it up the right way, then it runs itself... Something that excites most agents!

We have packages ranging from $500 - $5,000. It's absolutely best to jump on a call and see what best suits.

How long does it take to set up?

If we do it for you, it'll be set up and generating you leads in less than 4 weeks. More often than not we begin to see leads in the first 48-72 hours so that we can put your mind at ease.

An alternative option is we can show you how to set it up yourself. This option of course is a little slower but is completely dependant on the time you put in.

How many leads can I expect to see?

Firstly, you can feel confident that the leads are always QUALITY over quantity. As an agent myself, I couldn't think of anything worse than someone dumping 100 leads on my desk as I know very well that they're not qualified.

So instead, we work off an average of 10-15 leads per month CONSISTENTLY. With an average of about 30-40% converting to immediate opportunities. So, you can feel confident of walking into A LOT more opportunities each month and did I tell you that it's completely automated. You won't have to even prospect the leads. They just hit your email inbox instantly. It's the new way to prospect!

What if I don't generate any leads, will I get a refund?

Well in over 250 agents across Australia & New Zealand, not once have we had an agent not generate leads - so sure! We'll give you a refund, no questions asked.

What if another agent wants my area?

We give exclusive access on certain patches and farm areas (typically an 8,000 - 10,000 home radius). So, if you work with us. That area is yours! The same applies if we already have an agent in your area however. Unfortunately, we won't be able to work with you at this stage.

What do the ads look like?

Firstly, we always need photos of YOU. Our biggest priority is to build your PERSONAL BRAND and make you more recognisable in the community. Brand builds trust and as agents, that's all we should ever be focusing on.

Secondly, we don't waste our time with C and D grade leads. We go straight for the A's and B's and don't let up. Meaning we want listing opportunities of at very least, sales appraisals. 

So, the ads will be promoting YOU first and offering sales appraisals second. All tied in nicely to reflect your market and keep corporate happy of course.

How does the lead come through?

It's important to mention that we start by building you a LEAD FUNNEL. A lead funnel is basically an online prospecting assistant that takes cold prospects and turns them into warm (or ideally HOT) all through automation. 

We then plug that funnel into your social media traffic (ads) and promote people to click through. Once they do, whether they become a lead straight away or not, we've got them!

They input their personal details in exchange for a sales appraisal (or similar) and also have an opportunity to schedule a time and date into your calendar which shows your availability at all times.

Once the lead is submitted it hits your inbox almost instantly. which means you own and control the lead - not us. We have no interest in owning your leads unlike some other businesses.